December 1, 2023 06:21:24

5 health tips from Rakul Preet Singh to stay fit

No one can deny that actress Rakul Preet Singh is fitness goals. A simple scroll through her social media feed makes it obvious that not only does she work out but also takes care of her diet when it comes to staying fit! Here are 5 diet tips from Rakul Preet that you can follow.

Rakul ensures that she adds corn to her diet! Not only is it tasty but also comes with high fiber content and is rich in good carbs. Image courtesy: Rakul Preet Singh/Instagram

Rakul swears by millets. The actress says she eats a variety of them because they can help her stay ‘lean and healthy.’ She advocates adding this superfood to your diet immediately!

Rakul says that eating clean is a lifestyle choice she makes and there’s nothing better than home-cooked food when it comes to this! She pre-plan her meals and ensures they’re nutritious.

When it comes to rice, Rakul definitely recommends it! Rice can be beneficial for the gut and hence, enhance nutrient absorption by our body. Moreover, the actress believes that eating a portion of nutritious food like rice can help you maintain your immunity.

Rakul recommends seed cycling which is basically ‘a combination of sunflower with sesame seeds and pumpkin with flax seeds.’ This will help you take care of your hormonal health.