December 9, 2023 10:26:49

5 Amazing & Unusual Places In Brazil That Will Blow Your Mind!

Discover elusive wildlife in virgin forests and waterways in the amazon, Pantanal, or Iguazu. Just lose yourself in cobblestone laneways in old towns, and shake in samba rhythms at the great restaurants and bars in the cities. You can even find your paradise with 8,000 kilometers of coastline – it’s hard to match the beauty and vibrancy of Brazil.

Known for its captivating biodiversity, rich kaleidoscope culture, photographic landscapes, and never-ending vibrancy, Brazil’s tourist destinations underscore why the country is one of the most fascinating places on the planet. From its coral-rich tropical islands, cascading waterfalls, and deep ravines, to its ancient colonial ruins; here are the places you must visit in Brazil.

1. Aparados Da Serra National Park

One of Brazil’s first national parks, paradox da Serra, was created to protect Itambezinho, one of the most impressive canyons in Brazil. It is considered one of the top tourist destinations in Brazil. Surrounded by subtropical forest, the narrow valley has steep parallel slopes with a depth of about 720 m. The two waterfalls fall into a stone plunge pool that spills into the río do boi, which winds its narrow path along the valley floor. A steep rocky path leads from the rim of the valley to a river. Just keep in mind that this is a difficult, hair-raising walk that should not be taken lightly.

2. Cathedral Of Brasilia

When does the Roman Catholic cathedral not look like a cathedral? This is when the cathedral has been designed by a prominent figure like Oscar Niemeyer. The cathedral of Brasilia is unique among cathedrals and is one of the best places to see in Brazil. It is made up of 16 concrete pillars, each weighing 90 tonnes, which more closely resembles an Indian tepee than a church. Completed in 1970, statues of four evangelists designed by Dante Croce adorn the front. From the sheer look of it, you would agree that there is nothing traditional about this innovative church.

3. Pelourinho

Pelourinho is the historical center of Salvadores which was the first colonial capital of Brazil and one of the oldest cities in the Americas which was founded in 1549. Pelourinho translates as “pillar”, where slaves were punished. This old town is filled with beautiful, colorfully painted pastel buildings, music, and dance in the streets. This is a great place to buy local crafts as well as enjoy a traditional shrimp dish. Brazil tour packages for groups and families.

4. Ilha Grande

Ilha grande or the “big island” is a beautiful island off Rio de Janeiro that is largely undeveloped. It was earlier a leper colony and then home to a maximum security prison that closed in 1994. As a result, beautiful tropical beaches and the virgin Atlantic rainforest change the visual field on Ilha grande. Only 1,900 people live in Vila abroad, the island’s largest city. Another important point to note is that motorized vehicles are banned from the island.

5. Chapada Dos Vedeiros National Park

Chapada dos vedeiros is a national park in the state of goiás, about 240 km from brasília. Many travelers believe that their visit here was the highlight of their trip to Brazil. With cascading waterfalls, lush greenery, wildlife, and hiking trails, the national park is easily one of the best places to visit in Brazil. However, some hiking trails are quite demanding and require hikers to be in good physical condition.