December 11, 2023 05:24:15

1st case of ‘Zika virus’ In Karnataka, A 5-year-old girl infected Check out the full report

Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar on Monday said a five-year-old girl from Raichur district has become the first confirmed Zika virus case in the state.
The Minister also made it clear that there is no need for any worry or concern, as the government is taking all the necessary measures, and will also be issuing a set of guidelines.

What Minister Said

“We have got a lab report from Pune about the confirmed case of Zika virus. On December 5, it was processed and reported on December 8. Three specimens were sent out of which two were negative and one was positive, which is a five-year-old girl. We are keeping a vigil,” Sudhakar said in response to a question on the Zika virus case in Raichur.

“This is the first confirmed case in Karnataka. It came to light when the serum was subjected to Dengue and Chikungunya tests. Usually, 10 percent of such samples are sent to Pune for the test, out of which this has come across as positive,” the Minister said.

According to media reports he pointed out that a few months ago Zika virus cases were found in Kerala, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh.

What is the Zika virus?

Zika virus is transmitted through Aedes mosquitoes, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). These mosquitoes can also transmit dengue, chikungunya, and urban yellow fever. Zika virus is diagnosed through a blood test or tests involving other body fluids. There is no specific treatment or vaccine for the Zika virus yet.

What are the symptoms of the Zika virus?

Rashes, fever, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise, and headaches are common symptoms of the disease, according to WHO. However, most people with the Zika virus don’t develop symptoms. The symptoms usually last for 2-7 days.