December 9, 2023 05:37:39

10 Ways to decorate your temple this ‘NAVRATRI’

LED Diya String Light

This is a string of LED lights in the shape of diyas. The light bulb is made to seem like the flame of a Diya. There are 22 diya in one string. They are all made of plastic and are lightweight and easy to use for decoration. The best part is that this is something you can reuse during Diwali as well. The same seller is also offering different styles of string lights like flowers, fruits, and more. If you are looking for something different to decorate the temple with, instead of the usual lights and bulbs, then this is all you need.

Rajasthani Toran/Tapestry

If you are going for a traditional decoration theme then this set of two wall hangings or “Toran” is something you would like to add. It is made of wood, fabric, and artificial pearls. They are bright, multi-colored hangings each having 5 animal shapes and metal bells. Elephants, camels, and birds are featured on the hangings. After Navratri, you can also use this as a regular decor piece in your bedroom or living room for an eccentric look.

LED Candles

The candles are basically shaped out of plastic and the LED bulb is on top in the shape of a candle flame. They are powered through small, round button batteries placed at the bottom of each candle. This is a safe and beautiful decoration item that can also be reused on different occasions and festivals, especially, Diwali. You can use this to light up the place around the temple or you can also place two in each room in the house to celebrate the nine nights of the Devi.

3-Layer Electric Gold Lamp

It is made in the golden shade and gives a very natural, real kind of look. It has three different layers and each layer is shaped like a flower and has different electric bulbs to resemble the wicks of diyas. The design of the lamp is also very beautiful with an ‘OM’ on top of it. You can buy two of these and place them on either side of the Devi or the temple. One piece comes for INR 300.

Brass Hanging Diya

It has been aesthetically designed with a peacock featured on top and nine bells and nine diya spaces. You can use it in the temple by placing Diya wicks in the holders or later you can also use it as a home decor piece by simply hanging it in your house and listening to the chimes of the bells. You can also find other available designs with the same buyer featuring a swastika and other symbols instead of a peacock.

Artificial Marigold Garlands

If you are planning to decorate the temple for all nine days of the Navratri festival then you will require fresh flowers every day. However, if getting fresh flowers every day is not something that you can do then you can also opt for artificial marigold flower garlands or rose flower garlands. These are readily available nowadays and give a very beautiful look.

Decorated Pooja Thali

Pooja thali is something that you would be requiring on several festivals and occasions throughout the year including the upcoming Diwali and Bhai Dooj festivals just after Navratri.  It has a basic shade of red and then has an intricate design done on it with mirrors, artificial beads, and pearls. It also has a big swastika in the center which gives it a very different look. You can place your pooja diya, kumkum, roli, chawal, and other items on it.

Peacock Tealight Stands

If you are looking for elegant tealight stands and not the regular plastic ones, then this set of 2 handcrafted, peacock tealight stands They are made from iron with a gold matt finish. They have a beautiful net style lattice work done on top and a firm base stand. A small tealight diya space is created in the centre to place your diya. This set of two is available for INR 695, and apart from temple decoration, this can also be used as a party decor item or to light up your living room.

Mata Rani Figurine

This metal figurine of Mata Rani is very beautiful in particular. It has Maa Durga featured on a lion and has been painted in shades of red, golden and blue hues. It also has the word ‘Maa’ written in Hindi text beside it. The design is further enhanced by studded stones. You can place this in the temple or even hang it on the wall in your home or office. It is available for INR 650 only. If you are looking for a figurine of some other God or Goddess then you can find those as well. They have several designs featuring Ganesha, Krishna, Saraswati and more.


In our culture, Rangoli is made to welcome a guest. In such a situation, in Navratri, you can welcome the mother by making Rangoli. Making Rangoli in any auspicious work is considered auspicious. You can make Rangoli with colors, flowers, diyas or flour at the main entrance of the temple.