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10 Venues in Gujarat for the Craziest Dandiya Nights

  1. Rajpath Club, Ahmedabad

Experience Ahmedabad and the festival of Navratri the way it was meant to. The lavish ambiance, impressive music, and thrilling competitions make up for Rajpath Club to be one of the best places to enjoy Dandiya. The theme for last year’s Navratri celebrations was “Experience Ahmedabad” in response to Ahmedabad being declared a UNESCO World Heritage city. The major crowd attraction is the disco Dandiya. An all-night saga of dance and music, the Rajpath Club Navratri celebration is one of the best Navratri celebrations in Gujarat.

2. United Way of Baroda, Vadodara

Contender of the best Garba Pandal in Gujarat, the United Way of Baroda is the place to be for Navratri celebrations. The reason for a huge fan following of the event is the combination of energetic music, mesmerizing ambiance, and an amazing lineup of singers. The estimate of each day attendance in the Garba event is believed to be roughly around 30,000. You would have to be here during Garba nights to understand why United Way of Baroda is one of the best Garba Pandals in Gujarat. Also, the money raised from the event is donated to 140 charities and organizations across the city. So, there is a morally good deed you can accomplish while having fun at the Dandiya Nights. The Entry tickets roughly cost around INR 3,500 for males and INR 700 for females.

3. Vadodara Navratri Festival, Vadodara

One of the most popular Garba Venues in Gujarat, Vadodara Navratri Festival has created a fan base of its own. Famous for its traditional Garba-Raas, Vadodara hold the famous Vadodara Navratri festival every year for its enthusiastic fans. You wouldn’t be able to say no to these events once you see the list of guests arriving which includes Bollywood superstars. Held every year since 2015, this year the festival promises another saga of adventurous Dandiya nights.

4. University of Baroda Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara

Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda University organizes the annual festival of Dandiya and Garba. Welcoming people from all across the state of Gujarat, University plays some of the grooviest tones and has an amazing atmosphere to relax and enjoy with your friends. With its big ground, the University can easily house hundreds of keen attendees looking to groove on hearty Garba music.

5. Mirchi Rock and Dhol, Ahmedabad

Organized by Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, every year thousands of people visit the trendy event for Navratri Celebrations. One of the must-visit Garba Pandals, the event is full of Bollywood stars grooving on the music of the Garba nights. Last year Varun Dhawan and Tapsee Pannu visited the Mirchi Rock and Dhol event. Guests are only allowed in the traditional dresses; this event is perfect for Dandiya Raas Garba in Gujarat.