June 24, 2024 10:07:07 booked.net

10 Mouth-Watering Dishes Recipes You Can Try This Christmas & Make Santa Happy

  1. Christmas pinwheels

Over the holidays, alcoholic drinks and Christmas desserts tend to take the spotlight. However, there are countless savory foods and snacks to be discovered. Take these Christmas pinwheels for example: a flavorful swirl of pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. In festive colors, too!

  1. Pull-apart Christmas tree

Strings of soft, melted cheese will never fail to look appetizing. Toss in some fragrant herbs like basil and rosemary, and serve with a tasty dip, and you’ll make a lot of tummies happy! Sound good? Try out this mouth-watering Christmas tree-shaped creation.

  1. Almond-bacon cheese crostini

Most of us have tried roasted tomato crostini. This version, however, is a more unusual and exciting twist on the classic, combining almonds, bacon, cheese, onion, and mayo. Super quick and easy to make, they’ll be a hit at the Christmas office party.

  1. Cranberry brie bites

These cranberry brie bites are as irresistible as they are adorable. The best part is that they only take about 20 minutes to make! So, you can try them out even when the approaching Christmas break is transforming you into a frantic workaholic with no time to spare.

  1. Chicken crescent wreath

A savory office treat that looks like Christmas décor? Count us in! This scrumptious chicken crescent wreath only takes about half an hour to make, which is really convenient in the often packed and hectic few weeks leading up to Christmas.

  1. Cream cheese-stuffed dates

These cream cheese-stuffed dates are a healthier alternative to all the chocolate-oozing, sugar-coated, rum-dripping desserts we get at Christmas. Preparing this naturally sweet, nutritious appetizer for the Christmas get-together with your colleagues will only take about 15 minutes, too.

  1. Coffee hazelnut shortbread cookies

If you baked these and stuck them under the Christmas tree, we have a feeling Santa would approve! These festive shortbread cookies not only smell and taste incredible, but they’re suitable for vegans too. If you have coworkers who follow plant-based diets, you’ll ensure that no one gets left out with these cookies.

  1. Parmesan-crusted Brussels sprouts

Easy to make and oh-so-delicious! Try these parmesan-coated Brussels sprouts on your colleagues first and, if they approve, consider adding them to your Christmas dinner menu at home. As one of your side dishes next to a juicy roast, these transformed Brussels sprouts would make a lot of kids in your family happy!

  1. St Lucia saffron buns

Originating in Sweden, St Lucia saffron buns can add a pleasant touch to your team’s coffee or tea break. Traditionally, these saffron-infused rolls are served with glögg, a Nordic drink involving spices and alcohol. You can keep this in mind if you and your colleagues are up for a bit of daytime drinking.

  1. Reindeer brownies

Okay, we know: these reindeer brownies might look a little out of place in a corporate setting. However, that’s another great reason why you should make them! Offices aren’t typically the most colorful of places. And at Christmastime especially, we should try to change that!